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Free online text to wingdings/dingbats converter. Translate, Copy and Paste.

What is Wingdings?

Wingdings text is not just a random assortment of symbols; it has a purpose and is often used to add interest and visual appeal to text. Originally created by Microsoft, the Wingdings font converts standard characters into a variety of dingbat symbols. This font is included in most Microsoft applications and can be used in various browsers. By using a Wingdings translator, you can make your text appear more engaging and creative.

How to Use Our Wingdings Converter?

Using our Wingdings Converter is quite simple. First, you need to input your regular text into the 'Enter Text' box on the page. Once your text is inputted, click on the 'Convert' button below the box. The system will then automatically convert your text into Wingdings symbols.

You will be able to see these Wingdings characters in the 'Result' box right below. To understand the meaning of these symbols in plain text, simply hover over the symbol and a small tooltip will appear with the corresponding description. It's as simple as that! If you wish to start over, click on the 'Clear' button and the boxes will be reset.

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